This is a collection of a few other scripts that I’ve posted here but this script concatenates widget and alias listings into one column so that you only have one row per content item.

This is another Ektron audit script that will help list PageBuilder content items that have a widget placed on them. The script below is very similar to Ektron Alias With Folder Name

Similar to Ektron SQL – List All Users If you simply need a list of all of your CMS users whether they are admin or otherwise this script will help If you want to show a break down of the groups that each user is in this script will help

Should you ever lock out your own account and you have SQL access try this Should you ever need to unlock all accounts, not sure why, but you can try this if you have SQL access

With assistance from my Ektron Content Folder Names script this script will display all aliases with the folder that the content belongs to. This is not an ideal process as you can have many folders in Ektron but this can help.