This is a default function within VBScript that should work in any VBScript situation. Date is required and has to be in a valid format but easily can accept date() or now() Date() would only display the current date where now() would be date and time. Format would be something like below 0 = vbGeneralDate …

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Good Double

Function String Value GoodDouble 55 55 GoodDouble 55.55 55.55 GoodDouble 55.45 55.45 GoodDouble SomeText 0

Good Integer

Function String Value GoodInt 55 55 GoodInt 55.55 56 GoodInt 55.45 55 GoodInt SomeText 0

New Line

Often we forget what code we need to use to create a new line (line break), hopefully this will help. n = CR (Carriage Return) Used as a new line character in Unix r = LF (Line Feed) Used as a new line character in Mac OS nr = CR + LF Used as a …