The below will help you get the full path of a Windows shortcut (.lnk) in your program. The below examples specifically create a command-line executable file but you could use the function in your program just as well. View the full code in GitHub at VB.Net example converted from C# example above. References: C# …

Create a project and add text box with a name of txtFileDetails and make it multi-line to run the code below.

Preferred Method: Project Menu -> Properties -> Application -> Check Box: Make Single Instance Application Non-Preferred Method: This code will look in your task manager for the same name of your application, if it exists it will prevent another copy of it from running.


On a form create a textbox (txtFilePath), button (btnFilePathBrowse), and OpenFileDialog (ofdFilePath). Double click on the button and the OpenFileDialog in Design view to create the action scripts