Similar to Ektron SQL – List All Users If you simply need a list of all of your CMS users whether they are admin or otherwise this script will help If you want to show a break down of the groups that each user is in this script will help

With assistance from my Ektron Content Folder Names script this script will display all aliases with the folder that the content belongs to. This is not an ideal process as you can have many folders in Ektron but this can help.

Clean Up Database

CAUTION: This is a very powerful script, use at your own risk! This script will: Drop all non-system stored procs Drop all views Drop all functions Drop all Foreign Key constraints Drop all Primary Key constraints Drop all tables

Sometimes you’re asked where a DMS file exists on the server and have to track it down, this query should help. Caveat: It helps to know where your root/main asset directory is on your server.

This script will display the current Ektron version. Works In: 8.0.2, 8.5, and 8.7 Source: