Ubuntu – Remove Preloaded Applications

Installing Ubuntu for a server OS? The code below will remove some of the preloaded applications that are needed on a server. Arguably you could remove Gnome in general and all Gtk but that depends on how you want to run your server.

for i in org.gnome.Software \
org.gnome.Totem \
aisleriot \
cheese \
org.gnome.Cheese \
evolution-data-server-uoa \
firefox \
gnome-mahjongg \
gnome-sudoku \
libreoffice* \
rhythmbox* \
shotwell* \
thunderbird \
totem \
transmission-gtk \
vino-server \
vino-preferences \
webbrowser-app \
ubuntu-amazon-default \
gnome-mines; do
apt remove -y --purge  $i
apt autoremove -y
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