PowerShell – Java JDK/JRE Unattended Install

This code is rather useful if you need to install Java JDK or Java JRE without a product like SCCM. This script will download the installer file, create the silent install text file then silently install Java JDK or Java JRE and place the executable path into the System Environment Path.


# URL Parameter
$WebURL = "<DownloadLink>/jdk-8u73-windows-i586.exe"
# Directory Parameter
$FileDirectory = "$($env:USERPROFILE)$("\downloads\")"

#Write-Output $FileDirectory

# If directory doesn't exist create the directory
if((Test-Path $FileDirectory) -eq 0)
        mkdir $FileDirectory;

# We assume the file you download is named what you want it to be on your computer
$FileName = [System.IO.Path]::GetFileName($WebURL)

# Concatenate the two values to prepare the download
$FullFilePath = "$($FileDirectory)$($FileName)"

#Write-Output $FullFilePath

function Get-FileDownload([String] $WebURL, [String] $FullFilePath)
        # Give a basic message to the user to let them know what we are doing
        Write-Output "Downloading '$WebURL' to '$FullFilePath'"

        $uri = New-Object "System.Uri" "$WebURL"
        $request = [System.Net.HttpWebRequest]::Create($uri) 
        $request.set_Timeout(30000) #15 second timeout 
        $response = $request.GetResponse() 
        $totalLength = [System.Math]::Floor($response.get_ContentLength()/1024) 
        $responseStream = $response.GetResponseStream() 
        $targetStream = New-Object -TypeName System.IO.FileStream -ArgumentList $FullFilePath, Create 
        $buffer = new-object byte[] 10KB 
        $count = $responseStream.Read($buffer,0,$buffer.length) 
        $downloadedBytes = $count
        while ($count -gt 0) 
                [System.Console]::Write("`r`nDownloaded {0}K of {1}K", [System.Math]::Floor($downloadedBytes/1024), $totalLength) 
                $targetStream.Write($buffer, 0, $count) 
                $count = $responseStream.Read($buffer,0,$buffer.length) 
                $downloadedBytes = $downloadedBytes + $count
        # Give a basic message to the user to let them know we are done
        Write-Output "`r`nDownload complete"

function AddSystemPaths([array] $PathsToAdd) {

  $VerifiedPathsToAdd = ""
  foreach ($Path in $PathsToAdd) {
    if ($Env:Path -like "*$Path*") {
      echo "  Path to $Path already added"
    else {
      $VerifiedPathsToAdd += ";$Path";echo "  Path to $Path needs to be added"
  if ($VerifiedPathsToAdd -ne "") {
    echo "Adding paths: $VerifiedPathsToAdd"
    [System.Environment]::SetEnvironmentVariable("PATH", $Env:Path + "$VerifiedPathsToAdd","Machine")
    echo "Note: The new path does NOT take immediately in running processes. Only new processes will see new path."

Get-FileDownload $WebURL $FullFilePath

cd $FileDirectory

"INSTALL_SILENT=Enable" | Set-Content "$FileDirectory/JavaInstallConfig.txt"
"INSTALLDIR=C:\java" | Add-Content "$FileDirectory/JavaInstallConfig.txt"
"AUTO_UPDATE=Enable" | Add-Content "$FileDirectory/JavaInstallConfig.txt"
"WEB_JAVA_SECURITY_LEVEL=VH" | Add-Content "$FileDirectory/JavaInstallConfig.txt"

start-process $FullFilePath INSTALLCFG=$FileDirectory/JavaInstallConfig.txt -Wait

AddSystemPaths ("C:\java\bin")

Make sure you close PowerShell ISE or PowerShell prompt before you run this next command.

java -version
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