This formula will give you a clean base path of a given URL Example: URL Just Domain Base Path

If you’re like me you name your worksheets in Excel to help make more sense of the data. I try to incorporate a universal header in most of my Excel documents so this script helps me. Example: Say you have an Excel file to log all the domains you manage and the DNS that goes …

Sheet1 Column A Column B Moo ./.htaccess Sheet2 Column A Column B ./.htaccess 235 Add the code above to Column C in Sheet1 and it will match Column B from Sheet1 with Column A from Sheet2 and get the value to display from Column B from Sheet2

Excel Rand

Great if you are creating random passwords, more examples at the reference link below. Reference:

Selected the range of cells you need to replace. Go to Home > Find & Select > Replace or Ctrl + H Find what: , Replace with: CTRL + SHIFT + J Click Replace All Somehow CTRL + SHIFT + J is registered as a linebreak. Reference:

AutoFit() is designed to run in your Personal.xlsb with a keyboard function of Ctrl+d to select all columns and rows and then set a temporary width and height to then autofit based on all the content in the worksheet. AutoFitHeight() is designed to run in your Personal.xlsb with a keyboard function of Ctrl+e to select …

Sometimes we need to compare lists in Excel, this function will assist in getting a clean comparison Going one step further, if you find a match and need a value from the other worksheet you can do this. In this example the 2 grabs the value from Worksheet2!B